Video Control Server
LED-FW16-B Series
16 Ethernet port output, super large load ability

Whole machine can load 15.68M, and the Max. Width of whole machine is 16380px; Max. Height is 7680px
single network port can load up to 0.98M

Single Machine Lan Port Backup
Multi-machine Lan Port Backup (1)
Multi-machine Port Backup (2)
Input Signal Source Hot Backup
Automatic Switching between Main and Backup Systems

When any of the LED-FW16-B signal sources in the main system is lost, the entire main system automatically switches to
the backup system to ensure that the large screen is displayed normally.

4 layers seamless switching

4 independent layers, freely adjustable; seamless switching between input sources and presets (4 layers to 4 layers); small
projects handled at once, only Layer 3 and Layer 4 deinterlacing.

Free cable connection

Each grid can be used according to the actual number of grid points in the box, and neither folding nor leaving the grid empty
takes up the grid area, which is no longer limited to a single grid area that must be a rectangle, thus effectively increasing the
utilization rate of the grid port without wasting the performance of the equipment.