4K Event Console
Innovative design, the industry initiative

You can control signal viewing, layer editing, and switching operations at will to show your skills.

Group control, more efficient field control

MIG-H9 supports 4 Screen group control, 300 user presets, OLED labels and other functions for output signals

Split screen display, clear at a glance

MIG-H9 supports 3 external signal inputs, and the console display can be used for four-screen display;

Centralized management of multiple external signals, easily control the whole scene.

Super strong echo, efficient field control

Using the second-generation console echo technology, all input signals , PVW &PGM images are smoother and clearer; it is convenient for the operator to monitor the working status of the console in real time.

Super backup

The MIG-H9 console can be controlled with the PC host computer in real-time synchronously; In case the MIG-H9 fails, it can be seamlessly switched to the PC host computer for operation, helping you with safety control.

V16 cooperates with H9