Video Control Server
LED-816 Series
16 Ethernet port output, super large load ability

Whole machine can load 15.68M, and the Max. Width of whole machine is 16380px; Max. Height is 7680px
single network port can load up to 0.98M

Four-layer Seamless Switching

4 independent layers, can be adjusted arbitrarily; seamless switching between input sources and presets (4 layers to 4 layers)  Small projects can be done with 1 device.

Free Cable Connection

Each network cable can be loaded according to the actual number of pixel in the cabinet, discounts and blanks do not account for the loading. It is no longer limited to the loading area of rectangular, which effectively improves the utilization of the network port loading and does not waste equipment performance.

Monitor Output

Monitors the output of the whole machine by external monitor, which is convenient for the operator to monitor the display content of the LED screen in some occasions where the LED screen cannot be directly viewed, so that you can control the LED without worry.

Scrolling Captions
Time Task Function

Automatic switching for signal sources or presets at the setting time

Automatic Brightness Adjustment

With the multi-function card and light sensor probe, the brightness of the LED screen can be automatically adjusted according to the changes in the brightness of the use environment. Or at the set time node, automatically adjust the LED screen to the brightness level of preset.

Other Functions