LED Video Processor
LED-750H Series
2 Screens Splicing in 1 Processor

Customize input/output resolution
With EDID management, LED-750H is able to customize the input resolution of DVI, HDMI and DP. For the output part, there are 18 available fixed resolutions and customize output resolution function. In order to adjust pixel-to-pixel display from different size LED walls, accurate resolution setting can also be done within this product.

2 Screens Splicing in 1 Processor

For horizontal/vertical, equal/unequal splicing.

Multiscreen display

A single LED-750H can display three pictures within the range of two spells.

2 independent outputs

LED-750H supports maximum 7 inputs. It canbe used as matrix of 7 inputs and 2 outputs. It can also control 2 different screen with independent content. Any input can be quickly switched to any output without the black or signal break-off.

Multiple cascade

Cooperates with video server, graphic card split the signal and outputs to multiple LED-750Hs, and cascade to achieve ultra wide splicing.

4 Layers Output

In the non-splicing mode, each port is able to display 4 independent layers. Input signal, size and position of them can be setup separately.

Preview Switching

When preview switch is on, DVI 1 output will work as the preview, and DVI 2 work as the program output. Save the preview to the user-defined preset(for switching convenience), and then press the TAKE key to realize seamless switching. The fade duration can be set. The picture shows how 3 layers and 1 layer switch with fade in and fade out.