New Functions of R5 2.2 Windows Version
Technical Bulletin2020-03-30

The function of R5 2.2 Windows version is upgraded again.

Three new functions are added, greatly improving the product stability and user experience. Welcome to download and use.



1. Detect hardware information function

When users install or upgrade the software, they can quickly detect whether the computer configuration meets the operation requirements of the software,
Improve the user experience and avoid the software not running smoothly due to the low computer configuration;




2. Detect the temperature of CPU and GPU

Through the real-time monitoring of the stability of CPU and GPU, users can better control the working state of t
he computer and improve the stability of long-term work,
At the same time, it can avoid the system instability and hardware damage caused by
the long-term and high load of the computer;
3. Output port delete shortcut key
The newly added function of deleting shortcut key (crtl + Shift + Alt + C) at output port
can make users edit operations faster and improve work efficiency.