LED-750H Video Processor


             LED-750H, a superior approach to better visual performance for LED walls. It is a 4K x 1K/60Hz capable video processor. With EDID and customize output managment, it delievers high quality pixel-to pixel display via its user-friendly controls. It is an ideal choice for multi-media hall, multi-purpose room, theater, studio and showroom.
          Supporting all kinds of input ports, it outperforms competitor in terms of loading capacity and broadband utilzing rate.(The up-processes width is 7680, and refresh rate reaches up to 120Hz.) Also, 16 selective built-in resolutions allow user to scale and match the real size of LED walls. Input ports include DVI*2, HDMI*2, DP*1(4K). For extended input, user can choose 2 ports from VGA/ DVI/ SDI(SDI*1) or 4K input DP1.1 / HDMI 1.4.It accepts network linking, USB linking or RS232 linking for different control demands.



  • 2 screens splicing in 1 processor:4 DVI output ports are divided into
  • 2 groups for horizontal splicing, vertical splicing, same size splicing,
  • and different size splicing. A single unit up-loads 4,600,000 pixels and
  • accepts splicing for 2 screens.
  • 2 windows output:on non-splicing mode, each output support 4
  • layers with any size or position.
  • Multiple cascade:machines can be cascaded to realize ultra wide
  • display.
  • Built-in input matrix for seamless switching between 7 inputs.
  • Logo saving.
  • Image freezing.
  • Preset saving & loading.
  • Accurate control for brightness & high grey level.
  • Serial port for future developing.
  • More input ports:DVIx2, HDMIx2,  DP 1.1 x1, 2 extended 2K
  • Inputs(VGA, DVI or SDI, with loop function), or 1 extended 1.1 DP,
  • HDMI 1.4.
  • EDID management:customize input resolution for DP, DVI, HDMI
  • and VGA.
  • Rotary output:splicing after rotary output.
  • Time task manager.
  • Preview switching.
  • Customize output resolution.
  • Image crop.
  • Internal graphic card for testing.
  • Computer host control.
  • USB upgrade.


Processor  Instruction


Main characteristics and Application

2 Screens Splicing in 1 Processor

Customize input/output resolution
With EDID management, LED-750H is able to customize the input resolution of DVI, HDMI and DP. For the output part,

there are 18 available fixed resolutions and customize output resolution function.

In order to adjust pixel-to-pixel display from different size LED walls,

accurate resolution setting can also be done within this product.